The Peralta

Our story begins when the Peralta boat was built by Eloy Pennachin, a man passionate about nature, an entrepreneur and motivator. Thus, Pennachin brought to Pantanal his conviction that there are no limits to our dreams. Following her grandfather’s footsteps and inspired to encourage and preserve tourism in the area, Billie Pennachin remodeled the Peralta boat so that she could share the magic of the Pantanal with others, encouraging the preservation of nature, tourism and local culture.


  • Perfect conditions for you to enjoy nature:

    - Cabins with panoramic view and private bathroom;
    - Solarium deck with swimming pool;
    - Gym and restaurant with panoramic view;
    - Indoor lounge on the Lounge on the upper deck with a bar;
    - Boats equipped with 60Hp outboard motors;
    - The boat is fully air-conditioned;

  • On the Peralta boat you have:

    - Reception in Brazil;
    - Full logistics at the Pantanal;
    - Transport and lodging;
    - Special itineraries leaving from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro;




You can customize practically everything in your itinerary, enjoying attractions of your interest and of your guests.



Provide your employees with a new experience! The Peralta has know-how of almost three decades with customized itineraries and unique experiences for corporate groups, always with the necessary safety and support.



Experience and discover the natural and cultural beauties of a unique part of the world. You and your guests can choose the most different experiences, all in total connection with nature and Pantanal customs. Among the many experiences, you can enjoy an incredible kayaking adventure, an exciting visit to an indigenous tribe, the incomparable Pantanal barbecue, learn how to fish the Piranha and/or enjoy beautiful landscapes on horseback.



Embark on this adventure with us and go back home with many fishing (true) stories! Fishing at the Pantanal is permitted between March and October. Hone your fishing skills in this natural setting. We have 4 Marajó motorboats for our guests.


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